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SFCS: Focusing on Excellence

SFCS has focused on design excellence throughout nine decades of practicing:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Planning

Our passion is for meaningful and thoughtful design; we believe it has the power to bring people together and create environments where they can flourish. This has been the motivating force that has driven us for nearly 90 years.

SFCS: Understanding Your Needs

To achieve meaningful design we must understand our clients’ needs completely. To gain that understanding, we bring to your project a steadfast commitment to research and professional development. Our unique, collaborative design approach ensures your involvement from conceptual planning through completion and occupancy.

SFCS: Maximizing Your Success

SFCS creates meaningful design by effectively balancing the many important aspects of a project, including:

  • Understanding its financial feasibility
  • Considering the context in which it will exist
  • Developing appropriate design criteria

By balancing these key elements and understanding project challenges, we can minimize surprises and maximize success.

We invite you learn more about SFCS’s history, design philosophy, projects and more in the pages of this website.  For more information, please visit our Contact page.

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