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In addition to articles published by national association magazines and journals, SFCS has partnered with the Leading Age (formly known as AAHSA) to co-author white papers that address a number of issues related to senior living design. Several of the articles listed below represent a collaborative effort between the leadership at SFCS and Leading Age:

Senior Housing News Article
SFCS Architects and Engineers has been recognized in a recent article published by Senior Housing News. Learn more about how micro-apartments have great potential in appealing to senior housing.

Power to the (elderly) people!

By Tim Thornton, Valley Business FRONT Magazine
The eldercare industry has some serious problems about who's in charge of what. Culture Change wants to make sure the elderly get the first and last say. Click here to learn about Culture Change.

Elders on Campus: Maximum Benefits on All Fronts
An AAHSA White Paper
Experts in the social sciences are predicting that financially stable seniors of tomorrow will look for satisfying and enlightening experiences, age-integrated relationships and escape from preconceived ideas of ageism. Read more about Seniors Design

Culture Change Household Design Guidelines
An Article by Vernon Feather, AIA
Since its inception, the culture change movement has focused on bringing individuality, community, dignity, and respect to elders living in skilled nursing facilities. The large impersonal institution is being traded for smaller homes where elders can directly influence how they live. Learn about Household Design

Renovation Solutions for Nursing Home Culture Change
An SFCS White Paper
At a time when the number of older Americans is rising, the viability of established nursing homes in the U.S. has been shaken and challenged, first from changes in Medicare reimbursement and now from increased competition from the growing assisted living and home health services sectors. The success of the latter in today's market capitalizes on the attitudes of elders determined to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Read about Culture Change for the Nursing Home

Lessons Learned from Post Occupancy Evaluations
An AAHSA White Paper
In the design of a new residential development, the architect and client devote considerable effort to anticipating how future residents will use and enjoy their environment. Given that every facility occupies a unique place and time, there will always be more art than science to this. For some architects, it is not enough to see their projects and clients to the opening of a new facility and hope that it works well. Architects who have a commitment to improving the way environments serve their inhabitants are returning after the building is occupied to see how well it is performing. Learn more about Post Occupancy Evaluations

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