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Behind every great project is a great team. Our firm, consisting of architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction experts, offers a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to design. Working together seamlessly, the broad range of expertise we bring to a project helps us create designs that carefully balance function and aesthetics. This balance results in projects that are practical, yet inspiring.

Our collaborative approach extends beyond the confines of our firm. We work in partnership with our clients and consultants, seeking a diversity of input, to collectively search for optimal solutions. A primary goal throughout the development of a project is to keep our clients constantly engaged in the design process. This interchange of ideas is crucial to the success of a project.

SFCS brings a wealth of insight from past projects, expertise across multiple disciplines, and our common human experience to bear on creating durable, meaningful design that anticipates the practical and emotional needs of the people who will inhabit these spaces.


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