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Engaging the Team

Over our nine decades of practice we have refined an approach to project planning that fully engages all of the participants. We carefully consider the concerns, ideas and experience of each member of the team. This input is vital because there is rarely a direct path to the optimum solution.

Embracing the Ideal

We have embraced the Golden Rectangle and its Golden Spiral to symbolize our approach to project planning.  Many see the Golden Rectangle as a geometrically perfect form.  While pure perfection is rarely possible, it remains an ideal we strive for and the standard by which we measure our progress.

Charting the Course

SFCS defines its process along five categories:

  • Mission
  • Understanding
  • Vision
  • Evaluation
  • Outcome

Inspired by the spiral symbol we embrace, we continually review and reassess each step as we move closer to the perfect solution.

To learn more about the SFCS approach to design, please visit our Contact Page.

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